Participation in the MGSD Spring Recital is not mandatory.  If your child is going to be in the recital the following information is of the utmost importance.

1.  A $60 costume deposit per costume is required to order your child's costume(s).  The deadline for the first costume deposit is November 1st.  Costumes will not be ordered without the appropriate deposit.

2.  Costume balances are due in January.

3.  All deposits are non-refundable.  If a student discontinues classes after a deposit has been made, the deposit is forfeited.  No exceptions. 

4.  The tentative dates for our 48th annual Spring Recital are SAT. JUNE 12th.  

5.  Recital tickets are sold in May.  Tickets are limited in numbers per family to allow everyone an equal chance to purchase tickets.  Any extra tickets are sold after all our customers have purchased their tickets.  Additional ticket information will be in the April and May newsletters.

6. Your monthly tuition does not include the price of costumes or tickets.

7.  Videos of the Recital may be purchased.  Details will be available in your May newsletter.

8.  Attendance is of great importance for both your child's progress and the progress of the class as a whole.

9.  Costumes are issued in May.  In order to receive costumes and tickets, student's accounts must be paid in full.

10.  Recital rehearsals for students will be held in May and June.  More information will be in the April, May and June newsletters.

11.  Not all students are in both performances.  Every effort is made to place siblings in the same performance, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

12.  Good standing with the studio and its policies are necessary for a student to stay involved in this dance program.

13.  Your effort and cooperation are appreciated.  Our staff strives to make our dance program fun and rewarding for all students.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office. 

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Michelle Goodwin's School of Dance