Attendance is most important in your child's dance progress.  If your child is going to be absent, please call the studio at 978-597-6772 and leave a message for the teacher.  Make-up classes are available on a limited basis. 

Dress Code
Dress code will be strictly enforced.  All female students must wear leotards (any color or style), tights and the proper shoes to class.  (this includes students under age 8 as well as jazz/tap students)  Hair must be pulled back away from the face.  No sweatshirts, oversized clothing or tank tops are permitted in any class.  Male students must wear sweatpants & t-shirts with the proper shoes.  No pants or shorts are allowed in Ballet class.  Ballet skirts are welcomed.  Students in Ballet I, II, III, Pointe classes and Sr. Co. classes must wear solid colored leotards with pink tights to class.

Ballet - Pink Leather Ballet Slippers
Tap - Black Lace Up or Buckle Tap Shoes (no slip on shoes)
Jazz - Black Jazz Shoes or Black Ballet Slippers
Hip Hop - Clean Sneakers or Black Jazz Shoes
Cont/ Lyrical- Tan half soles
Musical Theater- Tan Jazz shoes

Please park only in the designated parking spaces.  We have plenty of free parking.  Please exit and enter in the appropriate locations; the parking lot traffic flow is one way.  There is no parking on Rte. 13.  Please use caution and care when driving in the parking lot.

Snow Days
Dance classes are not necessarily cancelled on the days that public schools are closed, due to inclement weather.  Cancellation of classes will be noted on the studio's answering machine at 978-597-6772 as well as on MGSD's Facebook Page.  Each class is allowed one snow day without a make-up class.  If there is more than one snow day, a make-up class will be scheduled.  

Newsletters are distributed to each student the first week of each month.  Important dates, events and policies are included in each newsletter.  Please be sure to ask your child for their copy or check your e-mail if you opted for our digital newsletter.  If you do not receive one, please call or stop by the office for an extra copy.

Scheduling of Classes
All students are placed in classes according to their age and recommendation of staff members.  We realize that on occasion changes have to be made.  Teachers observe students closely to make sure that they have been placed in the proper class.  This process may take several weeks.  As students become more comfortable with their classes we are better able to review the class level.
If you have any questions about your child's placement, please feel free to call the studio at 978-597-6772 so that we may address your concerns promptly.

SPA Program
The "Students of the Performing Arts Program" (SPA) is for students who are at least 8 years old and who have at least 3 years of dance experience.  SPA students take at least tow classes per week, including ballet and jazz.  
The program may include dance demos, field trips, conventions and fundraising.
Interested students must be approved by Tiffany or Michelle as not all students are ready for the commitment the SPA programs requires.

Please call the office with any questions regarding the program at 

Contact us at

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