Preschool Ballet -  Fun and positive instruction in ballet and creative movement, encouraging student participation and building self-confidence through movement and music. (Ages 2.10-4) (45 minute class)

Kinderdance -  Ballet (1/2 hour) and Tap (1/2 hour) introducing poise and rhythm.
(Ages 5-6)

Tri-Combo - Combination classes for students between the ages of 6.5 - 8.  Students learn the discipline of ballet and basics of tap and jazz. (6.5-year olds must have experience)

Intro Contemporary and Hippity Hop -  A combination of Hip Hop and Contemporary for children ages 6.5- 8. This class will teach high energy Hip Hop along with Contemporary- a combination of Jazz and Ballet. (6.5-year olds must have experience)

Boys Class- This class is designed specifically with young men in mind. It provides a customized class which will strength their desire to dance by exploring styles of Hip Hop and Jazz. (ages 7 and up)

Classical Ballet - Ballet, the foundation for all dance forms, helps to build through it's discipline, a graceful dancer. (Ages 8 and up)

Pointe -  An experienced ballet dancer may progress to Pointe.  Pointe requires strength and skill and is one of the most elegant forms of dance.  Students need teacher recommendation for Pointe and must take an accompanying ballet class.

Tap -  Basic steps and rhythms combined with choreography provide the essentials necessary for the enjoyment of tap. (Ages 8 and up)

Jazz - A stylized form of dance that has techniques of Ballet and Modern.  Students learn exercises, isolations, and combinations set to popular music. (Ages 8 and up)

Musical Theater- (Ages 11 and up) Musical Theatre class exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows, using ballet technique layered with Broadway style jazz. Students will learn performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.

Musical Theater & Cont./Lyrical 1 - Ages 8-10

Musical Theater  - Ages 11- 14

Advanced Musical Theater  - Requires teacher recommendation

Hip Hop - Hip Hop is a high energy dance form that incorporates the latest dance moves from videos and TV along with up-beat warm ups and stretches.  Hip Hop classes dance to the hottest R&B, Pop and appropriate Hip Hop music. 

Hip Hop I  Ages 8-10

Hip Hop II - Ages 11-13

Hip Hop III - Ages 14 & up

Advanced Hip Hop - Requires teacher recommendation

Contemporary/ Lyrical-Contemporary/ Lyrical dance is a fusion of jazz, ballet and modern. Contemporary/ Lyrical dance is characterized by its versatility; it works with the natural alignment of the body and can be danced to almost any style of music.  Contemporary/Lyrical dance draws upon different dance techniques to tell a story using music and movements. 

Musical Theater & Cont./Lyrical 1 - Ages 8-10

Cont./Lyrical 2 - Ages 11-13

Cont./Lyrical 3 - Ages 14 & up

Advanced Cont./Lyrical - Needs teacher recommendation

S.P.A Program - The "Students of the Performing Arts" program is for students 8 years and up, with at least three years of dance experience. The SPA Program is currently undergoing a "renovation" and more information will be available soon! 

Students must be the correct age by November 1st to enroll in classes.

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