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Michelle Goodwin’s School of Dance
COVID -19  Policies and Information 

​We are so excited to get students registered for a new dance year! While this dance season might be different from dance seasons in the past, we are well prepared at MGSD for a responsible return to classes. The safety of our students, staff and families is our paramount concern and we have put a lot of thought and effort into our reopening plan. MGSD is strictly adhering to all safety practices and protocols put forth by the State as they relate to COVID-19.


We have sterilized our entire facility, installed plexiglass in the office, divided our studios to create 6-foot dance areas, and increased sanitation practices. MGSD has built-in time at the end of each class changes to ensure time for cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting, air exchange and socially distant entry and exit. Arrival and departure times must be prompt in order to be effective in maintaining protocols.


Below is a more information regarding our COVID policies/ procedures for the 2020-2021 season.


Daily Health Assessment: Parents/guardians will be responsible for checking their child daily to ensure they don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms. If a child comes to the studio with symptoms, the child will not be allowed to participate in class. If a student starts feeling unwell during class time he/she will be isolated until a parent can pick them up. Students who can’t attend class are welcome to join the class virtually.

Face Masks: Students are always required to wear masks while in the studio including whilst in class and must adhere to social distancing guidelines. Proper mask wearing is required and masks must cover the nose and mouth. Face shields can be worn in addition to a mask, but not as a replacement.

Disinfecting and Cleaning: MGSD will be following the guidelines provided by the CDC and the state regarding cleaning. We have hourly cleaning/ disinfecting procedures and have investing in high quality products. Each classroom/ bathroom/ lobby will be thoroughly cleaning and sanitized between classes.

Waiting Area/ Changing Rooms Closed: Our waiting room, changing room and lobby will be CLOSED to limit the amount of people entering the studio. Due to the waiting room and office being closed, all transactions will be contactless, including tuition payments. Every MGSD family will be required to have a credit card on file for registration and tuition payments. Payments will be debited on the 5th of each month.

Virtual Dance Class: Don’t feel comfortable returning to classes at the studio? We understand, MGSD has purchased high quality cameras and equipment in each studio so we have the capability to Zoom all of our classes! If a dancer is not able to attend class, they can participate live via Zoom. You can also register to take classes exclusively via Zoom, and still feel like you are a part of the dance class with your peers! MGSD wants to make your virtual dance class an enjoyable experience.

Food and Drink: Students may bring a water bottle clearly marked with their name to class to stay hydrated. No other food or drink will be allowed in the building.

Staff safety: Our staff will wear masks, social distance, wash hands and pass daily screening before instructing classes. They will construct lessons that implement social distancing and are excited to be able to have more individualized instruction with limited class sizes. 

Restrooms: Restrooms will be available for dancers and staff only. The restroom will be cleaned and sanitized by our staff in between each class .Dancers using the restroom will be required to wash their hands thoroughly with provided antibacterial soap prior to returning to class.

Sanitizing Stations: Students will be required to use hand sanitizer at the entry and exit of the building. Sanitizing stations will also be located in each studio and the bathroom.

Entrance and Exit: Students will be dropped off at the front door, upon entering the building, students will sanitize their hands, then place their personal items in a provided sanitized basket and proceed with their teacher to their classroom. .. Students will sanitize their hands at the conclusion of their lesson and will exit out to meet a waiting parent/guardian. (We will be posting a video on our social media page soon detailing the entering/exit procedure)

Class Size: Our class sizes will be *very* limited with no more than 11 students/ 1 teacher in the BIG studio and 8 students/1 teacher in the SMALL studio. Classes will be designated to specific studios depending on the number of student in the class.

Scheduling: MGSD has built in time at the end of each class and between classes in order to properly sanitize the studios, bathrooms and waiting area. The floors will be washed between classes and all equipment used will be cleaned.

Equipment: Ballet Barres and other dance equipment will be used on a limited basis in the classrooms. Ballet Barres will be disinfected between each class and any other individually assigned studio provided equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between uses.